Curtain Wall

Sophisticated full curtain wall system with a combination of 6 mm. Thick high performance reflective glass and granite cladding will be used to provide optimum natural light, heat insulation and views to the surroundings.

Ceiling Height

  • 2.7 meters from floor to ceiling and 3.6 meters from floor to floor on normal floors.
  • On the top floor the ceiling height from floor to ceiling is 6.4 meters and from floor to floor is 7.4 meters.

Floor Finishing

Cement sand screed floor (smooth surface)

Floor Loading

The floor load capacities are:
  • Live load is 150 kilograms m2
  • Partition load is 150 kilograms m2
Total floor load is 300 kilograms m2

Internal Wall and Ceiling Finishing

Internal walls are finished with lime plaster board and emulsion paint. Suspended acoustic tiles set in a one way semi-concealed grid fully coordinated and integrated with lighting fixtures, A/C diffusers and M&E services.

Flush Floor Trunking

Sophisticated wire management facilities mean that flush floor trunking is internally segregated into three compartments to serve power, telephone and data communications cabling separately.  This facility is provided in M. Thai and Capital Towers.


The typical office area has 600 mm x 1200 mm fluorescent light fittings with parabolic reflectors.

Lift System

This building has one of the most efficient lift systems in Thailand, comprising office passenger lifts, car park lifts and service lift/fireman's lift.

The passenger lifts for low, middle and high zones are the state-of-the art AC gearless VVVF technology and DC gearless models offering a highly efficient and excellent quality ride.

Air Conditioning and Ventilation System

Office space is served by two AHUs per floor with a VAV system. The A.H.U. is subdivided for each zone.

Vertical Distribution Facilities

In addition to the usual risers for the distribution of power, telephones and water, All Seasons Place has incorporated another riser for data communications to cater for tenants who may require such facilities in the future.

Telephone System

Approximately 1,000 pairs of telephone lines are provided to the buildings. On each floor in M. Thai and Capital Towers, the telephone lines can lead directly to the tenant's desired position through the under floor trunking system.

Car Parking

Over 2,500 car parking spaces are available for the entire complex.

Emergency Power Supply

The lighting system installed is specifically selected for its high efficiency and low energy consumption. It is intelligently controlled for the tenant areas and toilets through the building management system is this a special system that needs to capitalize the system’s name. Approximately 10% of the public lighting is backed up by the standby generator for safety.

Electrical System

  • Incoming Supply : 24KV/415KV, 6 x 60A TPN Dbs per floor for typical office areas.
  • Horizontal Distribution : Flush floor trunking with accessible cover and three compartments for telephone, small power data communication cabling for typical office areas.
  • Vertical Distribution : In this building there is a separate data communication riser of size 2 nos. 300 mm x 300 mm, over and above normal telephone/electrical riser provision.

Fire Protection and Alarm System

  • Fire protection and alarm provisions for this building are among the most sophisticated in Bangkok. In addition to a comprehensive wet sprinkler system on a 3.5 meter grid, each office floor is served by two fire hydrants per floor with a separate fire reserve water tank at the basement level.
  • The water tank has a capacity of 400m3. For evacuation purposes two positive pressure fire stairs provide immediate evacuation from all parts of the building. Detection systems include a comprehensive, partially addressable smoke detection system throughout the building. Separate heat detectors are in plant and machinery rooms.

Sanitary and Plumbing System

Provide for internal typical office toilet and pantry requirements to be linked to main riser stack and toilet exhaust duet located inside the toilet and adjacent to the staircase.

Computer-Based Building Management System

A computer-based building management system with peer to peer intelligent controllers (direct digital control) is installed The building automation system monitors and controls the following M&E equipment : air-conditioning plant and air handling equipment, ventilation fans, domestic water pumps, electrical services including standby generators, fire alarm and fire-fighting equipment.

MATV and Satellite System

  • A master antenna television system is provided with tap-off units located in the electrical riser on every floor.
  • This building is comparable with the most intelligent buildings completed and under construction in North America and Europe.
  • There is provision for receiving satellite communications which can be supplied to tenants on request.

Building Security System

The building security system comprises is comprised of CCTV cameras and door alarm contacts for security control and surveillance, together with a watchman tour.

All Seasons Place – perfectly suited for the modern corporation.